Saturday, April 2, 2011

Pretty in Pink

What's better than a good bargain?  I'll tell you what:  a bargain that garners you a lot of compliments!  And yes, I was lucky enough to score one this week.

I saw these shoes at the Ugg Australia store in Chicago and about died.  (I'm sure you're wondering what I'm doing even walking into a shop that sells those Uggly furry boots sorority girls wear to class with shorts, but rest assured, these were in the window and caught my eye... I swear.)

I tried 'em on and it was love, let me tell you.  But I didn't love the pricetag:  $140.  "But I'm on vacation!" I told myself, "I can swing it!"

Well, those $140 shoes were going to end up costing me an extra fifty bucks since I'd have to check my luggage if I tried to cram those into my little carry-on suitcase (with all the other stuff I bought), so I passed.

Then, like any normal girl, I stalked the shoes online for a few weeks, wishing for a sale.

Well, wish granted!  ... sort of.

This week, I wandered into a Payless Shoes... and lo and behold!

I repeat, $13.99.

Thank you fashion gods for smiling upon me.  And thanks to the three gals at work who drooled over my new shoes... more than enough proof that a great bargain beats a splurge any day (or at least 90% of the time).

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  1. i didn't see these at my payless but i did find some super cute peep toed denim wedges!!